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Passion for hospitality, respect for the territory.

Eco-Sustainable design

Eco-sustainability is a choice to be translated into facts. Here at Chalet des Alpes, the commitment to the environment is reflected in the eco-friendly design of the building and its energy efficiency. Equipped with thermal insulation, obtained through the use of wood and wood fiber, Chalet des Alpes has triple-glazed windows and doors and is independent from polluting energy sources, thanks to the air treatment with heat recovery, the use of recovered rainwater, photovoltaic and solar panels, and, above all, thanks to the geothermal system.

O Km and organic products

We love to take care of our guests and offer them healthy products during their stay. If we combine this with the excellent quality of natural products that Livigno has to offer, the result is a breakfast, as far as possible, with 0 km products, which is simply delicious! This certainly allows us to provide our guests with a genuine and healthy selection of products and, not least, to protect the environment by supporting local producers.


The earth is a beautiful place, it is worth fighting for.


What are men compared to mountains?

Plastic? No thanks.

At Chalet des Alpes we try to implement behaviors to preserve the environment, we pursue eco-sustainability not only through our construction criteria but also through a responsible management: the elimination of plastic is one of our key points. Limiting the use of single-use doses and reducing products with superfluous packaging as much as possible, together with particular attention to separate waste collection, are just some of the behaviors through which we protect the magical territory in which we live.

Water saving

Water is a precious commodity, and nowadays it’s increasingly scarce. In our own small way, we have taken steps to reduce water consumption to a minimum. Some of the choices we have made in this regard are: the recovery of rainwater for toilets flushing, the production of hot water through the use of solar panels and the adoption of a geothermal heating system that works thanks to heat pumps.

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Highly recommended

We stayed for 3 nights in the Hotel and we really liked the friendly atmosphere. The rooms and the whole Hotel are very modern, the breakfast really really good, but the most important thing was that Laura and Ivan were more than Kind. We got good suggestions for dining and skiing. 

Via rasia, 572

Immersed in the nature of Livigno

We would like to accompany you to our small oasis of serenity by giving you the necessary directions to reach us. It's really very simple and you can do it by any means!

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